Koffka/Phakos Design was founded in 2002, and provides complete architecture and interior design services. With over 20 years of experience on projects of all types and sizes, our portfolio includes single and multi-family residential, commercial and institutional work.

Our goal is to create functional, enjoyable and beautiful places with minimal impact on the environment. Sustainability is inherent to our design approach. We use passive strategies by creating efficient designs to conserve energy and water, and active strategies that employ technologies like solar thermal and photovoltaic cells. We promote the use of locally made products made with recycled or rapidly renewable content, non-toxic paints and sealers, and energy efficient lighting and appliances. Rather than demolish existing structures, we de-construct them and salvage materials for re-use, keeping unnecessary waste out of landfills.

For us, this begins with a rigorous design process. Multiple constraints, such as complex program requirements, a multi-tiered approval process, and restrictive locations or limited budgets are challenges that feed our creativity rather than stifle it. The execution of our work is as important to us as the design. We remain closely involved in our projects during construction, making sure that the design intent is carried out and the process is well managed.

In all our work, our clients are our collaborators. We communicate our ideas using multiple visual tools to encourage feedback and establish a common language. It is a process of mutual education.