The Net Zero House is a sustainable house designed for a family that is entirely set on "green living" in the city. A dilapidated Spanish-style bungalow was partially demolished and turned into a modern two-story home flooded with natural light and air. The orientation of the windows, shading devices, hyper-insulation and metal roof all work together to reduce heat gain and overall energy usage. Construction and finish materials are from sustainable sources, recycled, or even re-used from demolition waste. No VOC's where introduced.

The open floor plan of the public areas encourages communication between parents and children and large social gatherings. It also aides cross ventilation. Photovoltaic panels offset the entire electricity needs of the family, and advertise their values to the neighborhood. Native landscaping in the front reduces water usage, while vegetable beds in the rear yard produce much of the owner's food.

 2400 SF

Completed April 2008

 Landscape Design by Ryan Gates  and Joel Lichtenwalter,